Life size portrait of 'D' in graphite on 640gsm Fabriano Artistico. This professional paper is mould made, produced with 100% cotton, chlorine and acid free, guaranteeing long conservation and inalterability over time. The paper is sized both internally and externally, making it ideally absorbent and retaining its nature unaltered even if scratched. Traditional white, without optical bleaching. Two deckle edges and watermarked "FABRIANO+ARTISTICO" on the short side. Short grain.

Your drawing will be 'Fixed' to preserve your portrait.

Commissioning a portrait is simple.

Each commission is bespoke and the price will depend on the size of the portrait, number of subjects and whether you would like it framed etc.

The first steps would be to email me at adrian@thompsonboyceartist.com to discuss your requirements and timeline.

In order to secure your commission I would require a 50% deposit and a completed commission request form. (this will be sent out to you). The final balance will fall due upon completion of the commission.
A final statement will be sent at this time to notify you that your artwork is complete and ready to collect. Should you require your commission to be posted/shipped then this will be charged at cost.

I work from photographs so to complete your drawing I would ideally need high-resolution photographs of your subject as well as extra pictures for reference. The desired photo would ideally be in colour as this allows me to better capture your image. The finished piece will be in graphite.

Photos can be emailed to me : adrian@thompsonboyceartist.com


The normal lead-time for a commission would be four weeks from receipt of your signed request and non-refundable deposit. Should you require the commission to be completed sooner this may be possible, however, it may have a cost implication. This would need to be discussed and agreed by both parties by telephone or email, and the amended date would be added to your form as confirmation prior to the work being started.


Thank you again for your interest, I will look forward to hearing from you soon about your requirements and working with you.